Monday, January 9, 2012

Who am I to correct a HAPPY child?

I am very blessed to have my kiddos spend their days with Gammie instead of at a daycare. I am equally as blessed by the fact that the same Gammie that keeps my kiddos all day also prepares dinner for all of us each night. Most weekends Kevin and I make some attempt to eat some meals at our own house...last night, this was not the case. While we had spent the afternoon napping and playing at our house, Gammie was bringing home Chicken Express for dinner! We had to get us some corn nuggets! So, when I started gathering up the kids I had the brilliant idea to go ahead and put them into their jammies. They needed warmer clothes to make the long trek over to Gammie and Poppy's house and this way I only had to make one clothing change for the night. (Kevin is working evenings, so I am on my own) BRILLIANT!

So, I asked Kaleb if he wanted to go ahead and put on his jammies before we left. He was hesitant at first. At our house the evenings are pretty routine and jammies are always closely followed by bedtime. He let me know quickly that he wasn't ready to go to bed. I explained that we weren't going to bed yet. In fact, we were going to go to Gammie and Poppy's after pajamas. He was suddenly ecstatic.

Kaleb: Mom, you mean we get to stay up wate? We are goin to Gammie's in our pajamas? Wait, are we seeping at Gammie's?
Me: No, we are just going to go ahead and get our jammies on before we go to Gammie's.
Kaleb: (getting VERY excited) so, we get to stay up rearllrry rearllrrry wate? (really, really late)
Me: Well, (and then the lightbulb came on) yes. We get to stay up after we put on our jammies and go visit Gammie and play.
(maybe I should again note that we hadn't even had dinner. It was only about 5:45 and our bedtime is not until 9ish.)
Kaleb: Oh YAY mom, I am so excited! Let's put my jammies on, hurry!

And so now I ask, am I terrible for misleading my child? I mean, I didn't tell him a story. He came up with it all on his own. Did it happen to work out in my favor? Well, sure, but he was still happy. Happier, in fact, than if he would have understood the truth.

I think we may "get to stay up late" on many Sundays to come:)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I haven't consistently blogged in a while...I know, I'm sorry. But as my kids are getting older and crazier, I feel that it is going to be necessary to keep record! (maybe more for my sanity than for the kids memories) Because I haven't been keeping up today's blog is going to be a little heavier and not very thematic...well, actually the stories in this post will all follow the same theme of
"My kids are CRAZY!"


My sweet baby girl is now 14 months old, and she is a little heifer. I say this with all of the love and honesty a mother can have. She is going to be the death of me. I think she is even going to give Josiah a run for his money...She is into EVERYTHING. She eats so much cardboard I am not sure how she still would think that it would clog up, but I guess it is all the fiber keeping her regular:) Mom has had the same bookshelf of kids books in her house for has survived 4 other grandchildren and countless visitors. It has not, however, been able to withstand the Kallie Kat. She has eaten chunks out of just about every book. And boy does she have the eagle eye. She can spot the tiniest speck of paper, dirt, rocks, or grass on the floor/ground and it is in her mouth before you even see her move.

Kallie's newest past time is climbing. She climbs up EVERYTHING. Her favorite things to climb are the kitchen chairs. She likes to sit like a big girl, and stand like a bigger girl, and climb onto the middle of the table like a bad girl. A few nights ago I walked into the kitchen and found her sitting in the middle of the table. Just sitting. SO proud. I told her no ma'am and promptly put her in the floor. Before I got into the living room she was back in the center of the table. This happened three or four times. Me spanking her in between each, and even taking her to a complete other room in the house. The last couple of times I didn't even turn away. I sat her in the floor and watched as she promptly, and quite proudly, climbed right back up. She is evil...finally a swat right to thigh was enough to convince her to stay off of the table for the night. (she was back up there tonight)

When she is not eating cardboard or climbing to new heights, she is aggravating her brother. Now, most of the time he deserves it, but she is downright ornery. We have, on multiple occasions, caught her throwing herself down and crying when she thought we weren't looking. She thinks that we will then get onto Kaleb...again, sometimes he deserves it. He is often times guilty of taking whatever toy she is playing with and claiming it as his own. She, naturally, begins screaming, and we get onto Kaleb. We then ask him to play with something else and give her her toy back. When he does, and we turn to walk away, she drops the toy they were arguing over and tries to get his consolation toy. EVIL.

With all of her crazy, drama filled, antics she is still a sweet angel baby. She is so snugly! I'm not sure that there is much better of a feeling than the one I get when I come in the door after work. "mamamam" with arms up high can make any bad day better. She also gives the best kisses. They are not nearly as slobbery as you would expect:) While she has been a little slower to actually say words, don't let her fool you into thinking she isn't smart. She knows a lot of words and understands a lot more. She just chooses wisely how smart she wants to let everyone know she any good, sneaky con artist, she thinks she has us all fooled!

Some fun things Kallie can say/do:
-shake her head no when asked if she wants me to spank her hiney.
-run super fast when I say that I am going to spank her hiney.
-say no, uh oh, whoa, shhh
-take her diaper off within two seconds of it being uncovered
-climb the stairs to Kaleb's bed

Kaleb is 2 3/4 years old. He is tall for his age and talks like an old man. Sometimes I just stare at him and laugh. The things he comes up with are hysterical. The following are a few excerpts from the last few days:

At the dinner table I had asked Kaleb to eat a few more bites of his steak fingers. He is big on making plans, so I try to play on that a lot. So, I came up with a number of bites he needed to eat in order to get some dessert. I then asked him if that was a good plan. He said ok, but then didn't end up following through with the plan, and thus did not get dessert. Later that night, while I was changing him into his pajamas, he asked if he could have a piece of candy. I told him that we were putting on pajamas right now, then I would think about giving him a piece. He said, "Mom, how bout I put my clothes in the hamper and then you give me some candy? Is that a plan?" I said that I thought that would work and off he went with his dirty clothes. When he came back he said, "mom, i put my clothes up, now can i have some candy? That was our plan. It is a much better plan that your plan from dinner...". thanks...

A few months ago Kaleb started getting scared in his room at night. So, we gave him a flashlight to sleep with. Tonight, he called me into his room not long after going to bed. He said, "mom, I can't find my dinosaur". I walked over and took his hand with the flashlight in it to help him look. That's when I noticed that the dinosaur was in his other hand. So, I turned his flashlight to that hand and said, "sweetie, there's your dinosaur in your other hand." He said, "oh, huh. sorry" and went back to sleep.

When getting ready to go over to Mom and Dad's, I had told Kaleb to put on his rubber boots. He said, "ok mom. I would love to put those boots on. They are amazing. They will look so amazing on my feet. They are fireman boots Mom. They are amazing. I love them."

With all of the fun a two year old brings, comes a lot of terrible...and a lot of the word no. Kaleb has just recently become very fond of telling me that he is not going to do whatever it is I am asking him and even more fond of telling me no and walking away. I have become fond of counting to three. I now see this action in a whole new light. It isn't just a chance for the kid to decide to do the right thing and avoid the punishment that comes with the number three, but it also gives me a chance to think and talk myself out of running away forever:) And trust me, there are times (many per day) that I use the counting more for myself than for him. Luckily, he is just scared enough that he doesn't want to know what comes after the number three, that he usually complies after I say two...

After having to use the counting method too many times in one night I switch to the go to your room method. The other night I had had it with him. He was hitting his sister for the umpteenth time and I sent him to his room. As I followed him through the door and told him to sit in his chair, he turned to me, and in the calmest voice, said, "mom, shut the door and go set the timer so I can get up and play." I almost passed out from holding my breath in an effort to not scream at him. He was completely unfazed by this punishment.

Fairly certain I have met my match in him and Kallie is showing the early signs of being other words, it is highly possible that I will admit myself into an insane asylum in the very near future...until then, I will try to keep my sanity by sharing my woes with all of you (even if the only people reading this are those that get the stories firsthand...)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kallie's Birthday Party!

Kallie's first birthday has come and gone...I cannot believe it! Her party was FANTASTIC. We had a lot of fun with friends and family, but really missed those that didn't make it. So, here are some of the pics I got.

Of course, it was Princess themed!

Her smash cake was simple, but fit for a tiny Princess:) And I LOVED how the cupcake wrappers turned out. (Hobby Lobby Fairytale Princess scrapbook paper pack)

Pink and purple rice krispie treats in the shape of hearts and crowns!

This bucket was off of the $1 aisle at Target. It was from Halloween. We spray painted it silver and then added a silver glitter spray paint and voila! It was supposed to have rice krispies on skewers arranged in it, but technical difficulties (rice krispies not staying together) called for a last minute change up! The filler in it was all of the scrap paper from the birthday banner and cupcake papers. We ran it through the shredder, and had instant filler! This ended up being a great way to display the dress up party favors!

I was really proud of how cute her birthday tutu turned out!

This is the best picture I got of her birthday shirt! She was busy directing all of her "subjects"!

One thing we did NOT have any trouble getting her to do was eat her birthday cake! She ate about half of the cake and was still going strong when I cut her off!

I still cannot believe she is already one. Kallie Kat, I love you so much! I hope you are always as happy as you are now! Happy Birthday Princess.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy Girl...;)

My last post was all about Kaleb, so I thought I would post about what Kallie girl has been up to. She, naturally, does not do much! But, she has started staying awake a little longer, so we are able to see some of her personality. She LOVES her big brother and cannot take her eyes off of him when he's around. (although, when his volume reaches a certain level, some of these looks may be glares!)

Being a girlie girl, I of course take every opportunity to dress her up! This outfit was sent to us by the Lankfords! Kallie wore it to Mrs. D's Hair shop!

Here she is chillin' with her brother!

She has gotten sooo strong! She loves to watch Kaleb from her boppy pillow!

She ended up falling asleep like this for about an hour! In the middle of the living room floor!

Unfortunately, that's all I have of her right now. I am sure there will be many more pics to come! --I better go get some sleep before she wakes back up!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Boy

I know that maternity leave is an important time to bond with the new baby, but let's be honest, she sleeps a lot!! So, I have gotten to spend some much needed time with Kaleb! He is growing so fast! I cannot believe how smart he is! I am not one of those crazy moms that is forcing education on him, (I have not bought My Baby Can Read...) but we do work in learning while playing. He already knows red, blue, green, and yellow, circle, square, star, triangle, and the letter K- without fail all of the time! He is also beginning to mimic everything we do. The best is when grown ups are talking and laughing and he overly exaggerates the laugh!

I could go on and on, but there is not enough time! So, I have added some pictures to let you know what else he has been up to!

Here he is trying on some of Kallie's clothes ;) He is working on putting on his own pants, so one day, while I was changing Kallie, I heard him say, "I did it" and turned to see this-

Kaleb LOVES his baby sister. Here he is pretending to nap with her!

...teaching her about the trains on Chuggington...

...and talking to her! "Hi Kayi (Kallie)"

One morning, after much laughter from over the monitor, Kaleb came into the living room like this--he wore this "hat" all morning!

Kevin caught the next two pics one morning at breakfast. He had his back to Kaleb and heard him say, "drink". When he turned around this is what he saw!
He is such a big boy! He didn't dump it everywhere--some ran down the chin--but that's the fun of drinking your cereal milk!

This year we went to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree! Here is Kaleb helping daddy cut down our tree! (I HIGHLY recommend this experience to everyone! We got a 7 foot tree for $25.)

and finally, Kaleb was in the Madisonville Christmas Parade! Unfortunately, we didn't get any good pictures of him on the float, but here he is with Grandma Kay and Aunt Nay before!

As I said, he has been one busy boy! (and I have been one tired Mommy!) I am so thankful for this time at such a wonderful age!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Brother Kaleb

Throughout my entire pregnancy with Kallie I wondered about a lot of things. One of the least stressful thoughts was the one about what kind of a big brother Kaleb was going to be. He is such a sweet boy, but he has never really had to share... Would he be able to handle someone else getting our attention? Because he was still so young throughout the pregnancy, we couldn't really teach him, or prepare, him for what was about to happen. We tried! And sometimes we would get him to point to my tummy when we asked him where Kallie was, but it did not seem likely that he would understand until the baby arrived.

Well, now one month later we have the BEST big brother around! He talks to Kallie and asks to hold her all of the time! There is nothing more precious than hearing him say, "hay baybay--hold hold".

I caught a great video of him talking to Kallie this morning. Notice how he keeps repeating the word "truck". Just before this video was shot he was trying to convince Kevin to take him out in the truck. I think he is trying to teach Kallie the word so they can gang up on us!

I also got some cute pics!

I think this one looks like she's talking back!

Kaleb, you are my sweet boy and I love you so much! Thank you for being such a kind, loving big brother!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kallie's First Real Bath!

Thanksgiving day brought us a little more to be thankful for...Kallie lost her umbilical stump! So, we were finally going to be able to get a real bath!! Unfortunately, it came off early in the morning while we were getting ready to go to Granny's for Thanksgiving, so bath time was going to have to wait! So, finally Saturday morning we were able to have bath time!

I think the picture above speaks for itself! Kallie LOVES bath time!!