Monday, January 9, 2012

Who am I to correct a HAPPY child?

I am very blessed to have my kiddos spend their days with Gammie instead of at a daycare. I am equally as blessed by the fact that the same Gammie that keeps my kiddos all day also prepares dinner for all of us each night. Most weekends Kevin and I make some attempt to eat some meals at our own house...last night, this was not the case. While we had spent the afternoon napping and playing at our house, Gammie was bringing home Chicken Express for dinner! We had to get us some corn nuggets! So, when I started gathering up the kids I had the brilliant idea to go ahead and put them into their jammies. They needed warmer clothes to make the long trek over to Gammie and Poppy's house and this way I only had to make one clothing change for the night. (Kevin is working evenings, so I am on my own) BRILLIANT!

So, I asked Kaleb if he wanted to go ahead and put on his jammies before we left. He was hesitant at first. At our house the evenings are pretty routine and jammies are always closely followed by bedtime. He let me know quickly that he wasn't ready to go to bed. I explained that we weren't going to bed yet. In fact, we were going to go to Gammie and Poppy's after pajamas. He was suddenly ecstatic.

Kaleb: Mom, you mean we get to stay up wate? We are goin to Gammie's in our pajamas? Wait, are we seeping at Gammie's?
Me: No, we are just going to go ahead and get our jammies on before we go to Gammie's.
Kaleb: (getting VERY excited) so, we get to stay up rearllrry rearllrrry wate? (really, really late)
Me: Well, (and then the lightbulb came on) yes. We get to stay up after we put on our jammies and go visit Gammie and play.
(maybe I should again note that we hadn't even had dinner. It was only about 5:45 and our bedtime is not until 9ish.)
Kaleb: Oh YAY mom, I am so excited! Let's put my jammies on, hurry!

And so now I ask, am I terrible for misleading my child? I mean, I didn't tell him a story. He came up with it all on his own. Did it happen to work out in my favor? Well, sure, but he was still happy. Happier, in fact, than if he would have understood the truth.

I think we may "get to stay up late" on many Sundays to come:)

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  1. Just mark down a victory for you. Then...remember this...You didn't try to mislead him. You gave him facts and he drew his own conclusion. You chose not to correct him;) Believe me, he will use this tactic on you numerous times in the years to come.
    I have to admit, it was hilarious!